H.DUE.O. Beyond the umbrella

H.DUE.O much more than just a brand. In reality a story that, starting from a “vision”, tells through its “objects” not trivial consumer products but innovation, experimentation and mastery of design.

H.DUE.O changes the way of seeing rain and, through its Collections, develops a real “concept of rain” that identifies the H.DUE.O world as an interpreter of contemporaneity.

The “thought out of the ordinary”, the transformation of an object through a broad and multifaceted vision, the obsessive attention to detail, the technological know-how, place H.DUE.O as the only avant-garde – vanguard of the sector, helping to promote the universally recognized “Italian lifestyle”.

“Creating to innovate, creating to excite, creating what was missing …” this is the daily inspiration of our creating that always wants, as the brand claim BEYOND THE UMBRELLA, to look ” beyond”.

Client: H.Due.O. 

Category: Umbrellas and Rain

Date: September 2020


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