Mon Cher Ami was born from the strong and all-encompassing desire to re-emerge from the crisis of a year that we will remember for the rest of our lives, 2020, a hard period in which I found the strength to make my dreams come true, or at least to try.

Mon Cher Ami is an attitude, an attitude; the irrepressible need to improve myself every day and share discoveries and style tips with people who want to join this community. We will be able to grow together, holding hands and giving each other strength.

Mon Cher Ami is a brand of women and for women, attentive to their desires, trends but also their needs, practicality, their continuous evolution.

Mon Cher Ami is a wonderful journey to discover our intimate personality, highlighted with trendy and uniqueness proposals that bear the name of the most fascinating cities and places of our beautiful country.

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Data: April 2021


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